About Tess

I'm a practical academic; educated in cultural analysis, genderstudies & postcolonialism and trained in writing, editing and media production. Friendly, enthusiastic and showing initiative. Passionate about language, culture and coffee. Practising photography.

What can I do for you?

Creative/academic/business writing

Such as articles, television formats, project plans, research documents, website texts and business letters.


Correcting and editing written work, as well as image editing and audio editing in Dalet.

Enriching ideas

Thinking along critically, sharpening the original idea and convincingly putting it on paper through clear writing and creative design.

Project management

Working towards results while guiding a team and monitoring the course of events.

CMS & social media

Selecting and generating content for social media and CMS-based websites.

Media production

Interviewing, producing radio items & reports and production assistence.

Academic level of thinking

Master of Arts in Cultural Analysis. Specialized in gender & racial equality, binary thinking and transcending disciplines.

Companies I've worked for

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